could not load library "gurobi90"

我安装了Gurobi9.1.2,Julia里也add "Gurobi"package了,但是我运行 调用Gurobi求解的模型时,报错了,截图如下:请问这是什么问题呢?

model = BilevelModel(Gurobi.Optimizer, mode = BilevelJuMP.SOS1Mode())

First, obtain a license of Gurobi and install Gurobi solver, following the instructions on Gurobi’s website. Then, set the GUROBI_HOME environment variable as appropriate and run Pkg.add(“Gurobi”), the“Gurobi”)

The website says build Gurobi.jl will fail if the Gurobi library is not found. But I build it, the result is strange?

I found I didn’t connect university network, the license didn’t work.
Thanks for your help.