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julialang 新博客: Why We Use Julia, 10 Years Later

12 年的情人节,julia 社区发布了 Why We Created Julia 这篇博客。10 年过去了 julia 的社区变得更加的壮大。在这个值得纪念的时刻,Julia 社区的新老成员们分享了他们与 julia 相遇的故事。

如果你也想分享你的故事,可以去打开新 PR 更新 www.julialang.org/10years.md 文件。

Exactly ten years ago today, we published “Why We Created Julia”, introducing the Julia project to the world. At this point, we have moved well past the ambitious goals set out in the original blog post.

Julia is now used by hundreds of thousands of people. It is taught at hundreds of universities and entire companies are being formed that build their software stacks on Julia. From personalized medicine to climate modeling, novel materials and even space mission planning — everywhere you look, the Julia community is pushing the boundaries of human discovery.

Some lines of code in a git repository give an open source project its form, but a community gives it life. We continue to be impressed every day by the breadth of knowledge and kindness of spirit of the people who have gravitated to Julia.
Below, we collate the stories of some of the members of the Julia community (both old and new) in a shared reflection on the past 10 years.


—— Why We Use Julia, 10 Years Later


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大家也可以直接回帖分享自己与 julia 相遇的故事。

我在 码农有道 这个公众号里看到 Java & Python & C++ 三合一的语言,就去学了Julia
本来是想去学 Python 的,看到这个数组索引和切片的写法我就坚持写 Julia 了

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我印象里最早是读了《七周七语言》那本书了解到Julia的,现在还记得书里说,他写邮件问Julia语言的设计者之一,有没有兴趣介绍下这门语言,结果一下子收到了三个人的回复,哈哈 :laughing:


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