(v1.0) pkg> ?dev
  develop [--shared|--local] pkg[=uuid] ...

  Make a package available for development. If pkg is an existing local path that path will be recorded in the
  manifest and used. Otherwise, a full git clone of pkg at rev rev is made. The location of the clone is controlled by
  the --shared (default) and --local arguments. The --shared location defaults to ~/.julia/dev, but can be controlled
  with the JULIA_PKG_DEVDIR environment variable. When --local is given, the clone is placed in a dev folder in the
  current project. This operation is undone by free.


  pkg> develop Example
  pkg> develop Example#master
  pkg> develop Example#c37b675
  pkg> develop
  pkg> develop --local Example

build 的下载估计是缺少依赖包吧,所以会自动去下载,吧依赖包都配好了就应该能本地 build 了。

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